Leadership Consulting

We are a leadership advisory consultancy who help our clients make informed decisions about people.

Our core competencies are senior executive assessment, development, coaching, development workshops and board performance evaluation.

Our clients come from private equity, plc and international.

We work with people and organisations at key moments when they need to change, develop and grow, sometimes restructure.

Our reputation is for contributing high level intelligence about people. Our clients like us for being low key and approachable, but good quality. We are responsive to all at a personal level.

When needed, we pull together associate teams from our wide international network to handle larger pieces of work in different places. Through our stake in The Talent Alliance we connect with a network of experienced psychologists, head-hunters and board advisory specialists across Western Europe, the USA and in Hong Kong.

Our relationships go back many years. People come back to us because our advice is insightful and practical, coupled with a highly responsive client service.

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