Identify, Unlock and Develop Talent

Our assessments enable you to measure precisely how prepared people are to take on responsibility and tackle your most critical business challenges. They are always wholly objective and data driven. They help with individual hiring decisions and with development – as well as with building a robust pipeline of scalable leaders prepared to perform in large and complex enterprise roles.

We offer different tiers of assessments designed to target the needs at different points in your pipeline, with more depth and nuance at the top and more speed and efficiency deeper down in your organization.

Top Team Evaluation

Designed to help you understand your top team’s stage of development – its health, functioning, maturity, capabilities and blind spots. It ensures the CEO/Chair are in the driving seat, making things work effectively, and identifies steps that can be taken to enhance team membership and performance. The process engages all team members in the evaluation.

C-Suite Appointments

A high-touch leadership assessment designed to answer your questions about peoples’ readiness for specific C-suite roles and choose between short lists of candidates – both internal and external. Flexibly combines robust data from face-to-face interviews, qualitative stakeholder input, carefully selected psychometric instruments and inventories of managerial style.

Executive Appointments

For roles a step away from the C-Suite, combines role-based and contextual questions in an in-depth, open interview supported by comprehensive psychometrics and inventories of management style, with an optional quantitative 360.

Pipeline Development

Focused on generating an objective insight into your company’s next generation of leaders for succession and development planning. Programmes flexibly generate and combine data about peoples’ aspirations, capabilities and potential using interviews, psychometrics business simulations, skills-based workshops and questionnaire-based 360 to forge robust development plans.

Hidden Talent

Our most efficient and scalable talent assessment. Built to look deep in your pipeline for talent and development potential. Fully automated assessment conducted through online psychometrics, and 360. Supports cohort identification and talent segmentation.

Insights Review

Advanced analytics which combine and analyse your business’s leadership data to enable real-time planning and decision-making. By leveraging these insights, organisations are enabled to create reliable, future-oriented succession plans.

Our assessments will:

  • INFORM talent conversations at all levels and identify potential
  • Remove bias and give all participants the OPPORTUNITY to bring the best of themselves to the process.
  • SUPPORT initiatives that promote equality, diversity and inclusion
  • INSPIRE leaders to own and accelerate their own growth and show them ways to do this.
  • CHALLENGE assumptions about people that may impede decision making and business growth.
  • TARGET development actions that bring out the best in all people.